Friday, December 25, 2009

Tulsa Christmas with snow!!

Rob is still in training for Schlumberger in Tulsa, Oklahoma and only got two days off for Christmas.  So Molly, Jiggs, and I shlepped up to the flatlands to see our Rob.   Since a lot of the guys wanted a Christmas dinner, I was asked to 'bring the basics' from the kitchen.  The CR-V was packed to the gills with Christmas presents, kitchenware and two dogs.  (We listened to 'My Life In France' on CD, Julia Child's autobiography about her early cooking years in France-  so good!)  To cheer the dreary apartment, Rob and I found a tree lot and a Kmart.  Even if we only had duct tape with which to hang the stockings and lights, I think it turned it nicely.

Our reward for the five hour drive was a heavenly snowfall on Christmas Eve!!  Tulsa was dumped with 8 inches and it stuck around for Christmas Day, praise the Lord.  Jiggs had never seen snow and Molly had been in it only once so Rob and I took them for a snowy walk earlier today.  They were SO FUN to watch playing, racing, and eating snow.  

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