Thursday, December 16, 2010

I went thrifting!

While I appreciate and occasionally shop Nordstrom/Neiman's/Sak's etc, I receive greater joy in hunting and digging and elbowing searching my way to extremely thrifty finds.  My greatest find so far has been a top handled Speedy 30 Louis Vuitton handbag for $5.  And it wasn't even one of those plasticy obviously hot off the press in Thailand bags.  Alright, it's probably fake but I did find it at a Goodwill in San Antonio located precariously close to Alamo Heights.  

Before I reveal my fabulous thrifting finds... I found this picture on my phone and had to show you. We recently came to the conclusion that Wyatt has a strong gag reflex.  Our doctor confirmed this last week.  I wonder where he gets it from...


My friend Kimberly and I drove up to Wichita Falls today with our boys to hit up a couple of the local thrift stores.  Here is her son, Kollin, and Wyatt playing standing next to each other at Bible study.  Kollin is three months old and he's a doll!  Wyatt gets so excited when other babies are around.  He does his machine gun laugh, bounces up and down, and reaches for them.  See excitement below.

A leisurely day of thrifting and this is what you get:
A large sack of Avent bottles, nipples and dishwasher container for $2.  Seriously?  I was about to order 76 more of these from Babies R Us because I've been washing the three that I have OVER AND OVER AND OVER. 

My friend Val had just sent me a link to a sale at Ballard Designs. These beauties had been knocked from $70!? to $40 for a set of three.  I was tempted but restrained myself. And good thing.

Everyday Silver Pillar Candlesticks - Assorted Set of 3

Because I snagged this faux set of three for $8 at Goodwill today! Well, one of them is a lamp but I'll probably group them together anyway. 

Glass cheese cover-turned-cloche- $1.50
Mustard yellow and grey damask frame- $1.50
Candle warmer to positively SQUEEZE the last scent out of my Bath & Body Works 'Winter' candle- $1.50

5 pairs of pants, 4 shirts, 5 onesies, a pair of overalls and a set of PJs for Wyatt- $16 at $0.99/ea
(His arms currently look exactly like sausages stuffed in 6-9 month size casings) 
Box of swim diapers with one missing- $2
Veggie Tales VHS "Where's God When I'm S-Scared?"- $0.99
(Yes we still have a VHS player. It still works, why get rid of some of my favorite movies that we already own on VHS?)

Rob was proud. :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Our House for the Holidays

I really enjoy blog browsing for holiday and regular decorating inspiration.  I don't think our house is quite 'inspirational' yet but we're getting there!  I also enjoy before and afters.  My next post will be completely before and afters of the main rooms in our house.  But for now, here's our Christmas decor.


Giant glass vases $8/ea at a garage sale
Faux gourds, pears, pumpkins and harvest garland were freebies from my Mom's incredible floral stash. 



Lovely tree and cardinal wrapping paper- $8 from The Container Store
Branch from our fresh Christmas tree
Everything else I already had in my Christmas stash.

"Reserved" sign-wedding leftover
Silver hammered platter-wedding gift
Rest was Mom freebies.

Christmas card display- gift
 Mercury glass candle holder-gift
FABULOUS giant mercury glass acorns from Home Goods-$15 each!?!?

Skinny white pillar candles from Wally World in the 'candles used to pray to saints' section-$2/ea
 Saint candles covered in -ironically- book pages from an old Hispanic 
Baptist hymnal wrapped in twine. 
Faux branches I stole from a greenery arrangement in my living room. 

I poured coarse rock salt into the bottom of the platter to look like snow. 

My sweet friend Val saw the acorns at my house and a few days later 
called to tell me my acorns were featured in Pottery Barn's Holiday magazine!  I looked online and saw them hanging like this
 (look at the 'Family Giving' entryway), 
but our entry doesn't have a high enough roof.  So I browsed through the other entryway inspiration photos and saw under the 'Santa' scene a large mass of ornaments hung by ribbon. Again, short roofed entry, so I hung the chandelier of ornaments on an extended hook next to our door.

Two trees $18/pair at Wally World.

Christmas wreath- gift
Antlers woven into wreath- Rob found while hunting

My kitchen island display:
Gold charger- $1 garage sale'd
Candle- $3 Wally World 'Pumpkin Spice'
Mossy pebbles- Mom freebie
Sign holder- wedding leftover
Grinch Hymnal Print- done by yours truly

The other side of the Grinch print:
"Great little One whose all-embracing birth, lifts earth to Heaven, 
stoops Heaven to earth"

On my desk:
The Baptist hymnal itself, displayed on an easel, opened to 
"Despliegue El Cristiano" with a sparkle snowflake marking my spot

Garland over my entry way mirror sprinkled with ornaments, 
crystal droplets, and sparkly snowflakes!


0.2 Seconds AFTER

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Hyde's Camp!

Nonie, Opie, Rob, Wyatt and I went camping recently and I'm just getting around to blogging it. We had so. much. fun. Our destination was Krause (pronounced kr-ow-see) Springs, a privately owned RV and tent campground with an incredible natural spring-fed waterfall covered in ferns. You'll see that in a minute... This is a mostly picture post so here goes:

On our way to meet the grandparents in Spicewood, TX!

After a bit of trouble leveling the trailer out, we set up camp and concentrated on relaxing.

I was very excited about cooking in a real cast iron dutch oven with coals! We made 'Fancy Chicken' which turned out ok, eggs, biscuits (on an inverted pie plate inside the oven), fajitas and more.

Dad and Rob hardly ever see each other without playing a good game of Scrabble. It is hilarious to sit next to them while they play. They're always 'debating' whether a word is legitimate. Rob tends to try Dutch words out and Dad tries to pass off words as Spanish.

Krause Springs was indeed gorgeous with giant mesquite (?) trees and lush vegetation.

Their famous waterfall! Actually more beautiful in person. There is a grotto underneath that Rob (very quickly) swam into. It was chilly people!

The property sits on this beautiful river and we hiked down for a swim. Wyatt is sitting in his fabulous new hiking backpack that I found on Craigslist. It's a Kelty K.I.D.S. convertible backpack that goes from backpack to stroller. I know it sounds cheesy and flimsy but all the reviews I read were 5 stars and I agree! It has lots of support straps (Wyatt weighed 20 lbs at 7 months...) and sits upright on the ground making a perfect height highchair! The stroller function is great for malls, museums, etc. but I wouldn't recommend it for hiking trails. You'd use it as a backpack anyway in that case.

I love how you can see where floods have forced the trees to bend downstream. It's so dramatic.

We moved campsites from Krause Springs to the Pedernales State Park after some of the state-run campsites cleared out. We picked a weekend that was a school holiday and so the parks were packed! Here's Rob and Mom by the gorgeous falls.

He loves his Opie Greg!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Refinished Dining Table

I've wanted to paint our wood stained dining room table black since the second we bought it. Finally, six months later, the transformation is complete! I would like to add that in my pre-baby furniture refinishing days I could knock out a project in a few days. Ah well. I love my little helper and wouldn't trade him for anything.

Fun pub-height, not terrible but kinda blah.

- don't ya love our painting bay? I thought it was brilliant-


Here's how I did it. When I was planning the process, I was wishing for a paint sprayer and compressor. Those sprayers give you a finished, professional look that I dearly desired as opposed to the brush stroke look. I figured they were pretty expensive (over $50) so I went about planning with brushes in mind. Then I went out to the shed for something and lo and behold the angels were singing and a light was shining down upon... a paint sprayer and pancake compressor!! I hadn't realized/blocked from my memory that Rob had borrowed those items from my Dad to paint his pick-up. YIPEE

I used a DeWalt palm sander (my first power tool purchase-I'm in love), black Wal-Mart paint, a semi-gloss polyurethane lacquer and a mother. Mom helped SO much in this project! Thanks Ma! Sanded the gloss of the wood stain, spray painted twice, brushed on polyurethane twice and presto -chango.

Just because it's hard to post anything without a picture of my little butterbean... He got his first owie that needed a band-aid today. :( I didn't realize his toe was bleeding until he'd thwacked it against the carpet about 76 times. Best way to remove (fresh) blood from carpet? Just pour cold water over the stain and soak up with a rag. Really. I didn't believe the Yahoo Answers post either.

See the band-aid? And that sweet little tear?

Youch momma!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Fresh Eggs & Thrifty Shopping

This afternoon Wyatt and I went on an outing. The pest control guy was fumigating our house for 'water bugs'. Also known as giant roaches that crawl on top of your bedroom door right as you're trying to fall asleep and you have to shake your husband awake so he can kill it but instead he scares it and then can't find it and you CERTAINLY can't sleep now.

So we went garage sale-ing and found a cute PJ onesie that says "Cute Thanks to Mommy & Daddy" and a baby shower present for a friend. We were ordered out of the house for at least four hours so after running a couple of errands and eating at the new place in town- Spuds=Yum- we moseyed over to Fleda's house. My sweet friend Jen called me yesterday to tell me her momma Fleda had an abundance of fresh eggs in the fridge and why don't I take some off her hands? Whatever breed the chickens are, one lays white eggs and the other lays beautiful sage green eggs. This picture doesn't do them justice.

I wish I could somehow preserve the shells and display them in some nifty apothecary jar. But that would be another project and I'm determined not to make my to-do list unmanageable. I digress. Another motivator to get over to Fleda's is that one of her miniature horses just had a baby last night around 9:30pm. This makes the third baby mini in two months! He is just too cute for words. You should have seen him standing. It wasn't much higher than him laying down. I couldn't get my iPhone out fast enough to get him wobbling around. I call his momma, Dolly, standing next to him "Little No Legs." God forgot to give her knees.

It still wasn't time for us to re-enter the house so Wyatt and I relaxed on the back porch in the gentle, albeit hot breeze. Patricia lives in a cute little 'hen house' on the property and invited us in for a spell to escape the heat. The Brogdon's use their back porch all the time and who could blame them with all those cute swings??

Notice the electric wheelchair- it was a great-grandmother's who has since gone to dance with Jesus and they (2 yr old Ella) still use it to wheel around the driveway and porches! I want to be that kind of grandma. Also, Fleda got an extra fridge for drinks etc and she up and decided to spray paint it canary yellow. So fun.

This guy is young and super friendly. If I'm not mistaken, he is the little toot who will climb in your lap if you sit down near him.

Wyatt kept reaching for the horse's soft whiskery nose.

I don't know of anyone else who labels their cat food bin so elegantly. Except Jen.

On our way home I wanted to stop by a local consignment store to pick up my monthly earnings. Woo-hoo $8.50. On the bright side, I parked in front of this fabulous gem. I have recently fallen in love with mustard yellow. This could be so cute with heather grey walls and aqua/grey/black/red accents. The pic makes the sofa look more muddy yellow than it really is. What a fun relaxing day spent with my little butterbean!

I saw it in a room kind of like this but more shabby chic and less minimalist.