Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Baby Steps

The other day my sister Kat and I decided that to get back in shape, we are going to run a half marathon!  After much discussion we have chosen the New Braunfels Marathon for Adoption on Saturday October 23rd, 2010.  If you're going to run, why not run for  a cause?  There are 147 million orphans worldwide who need a home.  147 million!!!?!  Personally, I had no idea there were that many.  I've always thought adoption was amazing and such a selfless thing to do but now it has me thinking... 

Of course what dedicated running mom could function without a good jogging stroller?  So while I was in College Station via San Antonio for Muster, I found a BOB Ironman stroller on Craigslist and got it for a steal.  It's even a really bright racing yellow. =)

Kat, being more of a runner than I, modified a half marathon training schedule from a really good running for women book.  She added a section of training to get us ready for the training. Because let's be honest.  I stopped working out at about 25 weeks prego.  Until I walked and walked and walked in week 38 encouraging Mr. Wyatt to come out. 

I have a friend Haley who usually walks with me through the neighborhoods.  When I told her what we were thinking, she wanted in on it too!  So now I have a rock awesome running buddy.  She and her nine month old, Kate, keep Wyatt and I company and vice versa.  

Day 1 called for two miles.  It was harder than I anticipated and made me realize how out of shape I am.  Day two was one mile and we finished that without too much gasping and panting.  I need to get a group shot but so far, here are Wyatt and I after day two.  He loves it and usually falls asleep five minutes into the run. So together we're making baby steps toward being in shape and accomplishing this half marathon goal! 

Friday, April 16, 2010

Already 2 Months Old!

Wyatt is peaceably swinging behind me in the office so I can finally update this blog!  There are so many things I want to post so it might be a bit choppy.  Here goes!

~Last picture of me pregnant~

First of all, our precious baby boy came into this world on February 18, 2010 mid afternoon weighing 6 lbs 12 oz and 19.5 inches long.  My labor went very smoothly and lasted 13 hours with only 20 minutes of pushing!  For the first 9 hours not much happened so Dr. Cawley gave me some Pitocin in my IV.  WOW.  That stuff doesn't take long to kick in and it doesn't  mess around.  From then on I progressed quickly and around 3:40 Mr. Wyatt made his grand entrance.  Glory to God for keeping him and I safe throughout the labor.  All the glory is His for our tiny miracle.  So here are some pics of the little 'sprout' as Grandma and Grandpa Hyde call him.

Our first family photo!

Cousins Wyatt and Abby

Resting with Daddy

With our awesome basket that Uncle Andy and Auntie Maylee gave us!

He is so alert and observant now

Token Texas bluebonnet picture. Wyatt was not as excited as Mom to get this shot. 

Getting some chunk on those cheeks!  Sweet smiling boy.

Yesterday at the doctor, Wyatt weighed in at 10 lbs 1 oz.  I am happy he is in the double digits now as all I've heard from everyone around town is "He's so small!"  But as Dr. Reed said, of course he's small, he's still new!  And Rob was a small baby (and kid) so his little clone Wyatt probably will be as well.  Really, Wyatt isn't even going to look like my child with that blonde hair and those baby blues. 

This boy loves the outside.  I had to take him out of his swing a minute ago and put him in the infant carrier to get him to stop fussing.  Two or three minutes of walking around outside and we're back in business!  In late afternoon it's sometimes a routine of fuss, walk outside, fall asleep, come inside to lay him down, fuss, walk outside, fall asleep... You get the idea.  He really isn't a fussbudget as my mom calls fussy babies.  He typically only fusses if he's hungry or trying to fall asleep.  

Three days ago my dad had a full knee replacement in San Antonio!  It has been a LONG time in coming.  Not long after him and my mom got married, he was playing softball and ripped his knee apart.  Back then (not like it's B.C.) for those kind of surgeries, they thought the best method was to scrape all tissue, ligaments, etc out from between the two bones.  WRONG.  Not that he ever complained, but poor dad has been hobbling around for years now.  So this surgery was such a blessing!  Now he has the knees to get down on the ground with his two grandbabies.  

Wyatt and I went down there for several days preceding the surgery.  When surgery day came around, Kat and Abby picked Wyatt and I up to take us down to the medical center.   Dad was already in pre-op so the four of us scampered up to the third floor to see him before he went under the knife.  There was a very sweet nun in the third floor waiting room who kindly informed us that babies weren't allowed on that floor due to germs.  So germs isolate themselves to the third floor, who knew?  Even though she wasn't supposed to let us stay there, she told us to hold on while she went to check on dad's progress.  Luckily she caught him right before he went into the operating room!  So I got this picture of him and the knee with a 'YES' and a smily face on it.  Just in case. :)

We said our good lucks and I love you's and proceeded to the germ free (??) first floor waiting room.  With a four week old and a two month old going anywhere takes time and patience.  By the way, my arms are by far the first thing to return to a semi-normal state.  Lugging around a ten pound baby in a carseat is tough work.  I can't imagine doing that when he gets bigger.  Everyone at the hospital assumed they were twins because they are both so small.  

So we get settled and Wyatt and Abby take turns needing to be fed, diapered, or rocked.  It was quite a production.  But at one point I really needed to go to the bathroom but Wyatt wasn't quite asleep yet.  So I handed him to Kat who was already rocking Abby.


Notice Abby is looking at Kat as if to say "What's HE doing here?" and Wyatt is the most awake he can possibly be.  I return from the bathroom to find this:


Nice one Tia Kat.