Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Baby Steps

The other day my sister Kat and I decided that to get back in shape, we are going to run a half marathon!  After much discussion we have chosen the New Braunfels Marathon for Adoption on Saturday October 23rd, 2010.  If you're going to run, why not run for  a cause?  There are 147 million orphans worldwide who need a home.  147 million!!!?!  Personally, I had no idea there were that many.  I've always thought adoption was amazing and such a selfless thing to do but now it has me thinking... 

Of course what dedicated running mom could function without a good jogging stroller?  So while I was in College Station via San Antonio for Muster, I found a BOB Ironman stroller on Craigslist and got it for a steal.  It's even a really bright racing yellow. =)

Kat, being more of a runner than I, modified a half marathon training schedule from a really good running for women book.  She added a section of training to get us ready for the training. Because let's be honest.  I stopped working out at about 25 weeks prego.  Until I walked and walked and walked in week 38 encouraging Mr. Wyatt to come out. 

I have a friend Haley who usually walks with me through the neighborhoods.  When I told her what we were thinking, she wanted in on it too!  So now I have a rock awesome running buddy.  She and her nine month old, Kate, keep Wyatt and I company and vice versa.  

Day 1 called for two miles.  It was harder than I anticipated and made me realize how out of shape I am.  Day two was one mile and we finished that without too much gasping and panting.  I need to get a group shot but so far, here are Wyatt and I after day two.  He loves it and usually falls asleep five minutes into the run. So together we're making baby steps toward being in shape and accomplishing this half marathon goal! 


  1. Meredith, First of all, congrats on the healthy boy. Secondly, congrats on deciding to do a half marathon. It is the best distance of all, not too long, not too short. Although Ambyr hasn't had a child yet, she never ran more than 5 miles before (in her life) then she did before the DC Half Marathon a few weeks ago. Keep us updated on your training!

  2. Oh how awesome! What a great way to get in shape. I wish I liked running, I've never been a runner. I love the gym though, just as much for the kids club as for the equipment =). It really is a nice break for me though! Wyatt is absolutely precious Meredith! And you look like an amazing Mommy. Isn't just the best thing in the world?

  3. Yay for the jogging stroller!! It looks awesome, as does its inhabitant :) I think I'm going to try Abby Kate in the jogging stroller without the infant carrier in it and use one of those head support things. She wants to be like her cousin :)