Sunday, May 16, 2010

Family 5K!

This past Saturday was the Graham Run For the Children 5K.  It started and ended on the town square (largest town square in the nation thank you) and wound around the neighborhoods near our house.  For such a small population there was quite a turnout!  

At the last minute I wrangled Rob into running with Wyatt and I.  Now this is a big deal.  He hasn't run in over a year and hasn't run willingly... well ever. So this proves what an incredible sweetheart of a husband he is. :) I like him.  
Wyatt wasn't so sure at the beginning but about 5 minutes into the run he conked out.  

I have to say that even though Rob insists he hates running and isn't good at it, he was the main stroller pusher for the race and I had to keep asking him to slow down!  I think the Corps beat good running practices into him.  Literally.  Way to go Hyde family!

Every once in a while (once a month) I get a strong desire to clean out our house.  It makes Rob nervous so he calls every few hours to make sure I haven't given anything important away.  Like his gun rack, guns, his favorite t-shirts, Wyatt, etc.  This last round of intense house cleansing ended in me selling our huge 9-piece sectional couch.  In reality it needed to go.  It was taking up the entire house! We had it stuffed in the living room and crammed in the office. Unfortunately, I didn't find a replacement couch beforehand and thus our living room remains empty even now.  Oops.  All this to say when we got home from the race we plopped down on the only comfy seat in our house, the bed.  We flipped on the TV and were watching this incredible show on the travel channel about the best breakfast restaurants in the country.  Of course we start craving what we're watching. So the family moves into the kitchen to whip up a much deserved fabulous feast.  Rob turned the iHome on and we danced the twist and made breakfast brunch.  It was the perfect reward for our efforts.

Rob cooking bacon and eggs in my rainbow house shoes. :)  I love him.

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  1. I love you, Hyde family! Meredith, I love your wittiness :) This blog always makes me smile! Way to go, everyone, on the 5K...Wyatt, fabulous running, my friend. :)