Sunday, June 6, 2010


I love this town but I love it more in summertime!  Wyatt and I usually run through the neighborhood around 8:00pm, and each time we pass at least ten houses with kids playing in the street or splashing in the backyard pool.  You couldn't ask for a better running soundtrack.  So in the true spirit of summer, we borrowed a kiddie pool and put Wyatt is his big boy swim trunks for his first real swim.  I had dipped him in a friend's pool a few days earlier and he seemed completely indifferent. But this time I sat him in the water and showed him how to splash the water with his arms and legs.  He went nuts! It was the cutest thing.  He got progressively more excited and started smiling and giggling.


  1. swimming already?! collin will be jealous.

    i love the pics of the both of you. you look great and of course, he's precious!

  2. I miss him!! He is so incredibly you pinch his cheeks all the time? :) I would. And pick his nose, of course. :)