Friday, August 27, 2010

Fresh Eggs & Thrifty Shopping

This afternoon Wyatt and I went on an outing. The pest control guy was fumigating our house for 'water bugs'. Also known as giant roaches that crawl on top of your bedroom door right as you're trying to fall asleep and you have to shake your husband awake so he can kill it but instead he scares it and then can't find it and you CERTAINLY can't sleep now.

So we went garage sale-ing and found a cute PJ onesie that says "Cute Thanks to Mommy & Daddy" and a baby shower present for a friend. We were ordered out of the house for at least four hours so after running a couple of errands and eating at the new place in town- Spuds=Yum- we moseyed over to Fleda's house. My sweet friend Jen called me yesterday to tell me her momma Fleda had an abundance of fresh eggs in the fridge and why don't I take some off her hands? Whatever breed the chickens are, one lays white eggs and the other lays beautiful sage green eggs. This picture doesn't do them justice.

I wish I could somehow preserve the shells and display them in some nifty apothecary jar. But that would be another project and I'm determined not to make my to-do list unmanageable. I digress. Another motivator to get over to Fleda's is that one of her miniature horses just had a baby last night around 9:30pm. This makes the third baby mini in two months! He is just too cute for words. You should have seen him standing. It wasn't much higher than him laying down. I couldn't get my iPhone out fast enough to get him wobbling around. I call his momma, Dolly, standing next to him "Little No Legs." God forgot to give her knees.

It still wasn't time for us to re-enter the house so Wyatt and I relaxed on the back porch in the gentle, albeit hot breeze. Patricia lives in a cute little 'hen house' on the property and invited us in for a spell to escape the heat. The Brogdon's use their back porch all the time and who could blame them with all those cute swings??

Notice the electric wheelchair- it was a great-grandmother's who has since gone to dance with Jesus and they (2 yr old Ella) still use it to wheel around the driveway and porches! I want to be that kind of grandma. Also, Fleda got an extra fridge for drinks etc and she up and decided to spray paint it canary yellow. So fun.

This guy is young and super friendly. If I'm not mistaken, he is the little toot who will climb in your lap if you sit down near him.

Wyatt kept reaching for the horse's soft whiskery nose.

I don't know of anyone else who labels their cat food bin so elegantly. Except Jen.

On our way home I wanted to stop by a local consignment store to pick up my monthly earnings. Woo-hoo $8.50. On the bright side, I parked in front of this fabulous gem. I have recently fallen in love with mustard yellow. This could be so cute with heather grey walls and aqua/grey/black/red accents. The pic makes the sofa look more muddy yellow than it really is. What a fun relaxing day spent with my little butterbean!

I saw it in a room kind of like this but more shabby chic and less minimalist.


  1. I loved reading this post!! You are so witty :) Sounds like a fabulous day with the big W! Give him a smooch for me and then lunge for his paci rope a la Abby Kate! :)

  2. Oh my goodness, I love every single thing about this post! Good one =) Hope mommy life is treating you well, it seems that way <3!