Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gift Embellishment

Our friends are getting married this weekend and I wanted a fun idea for gift wrap.  Usually I pull a giant wedding gift bag out of my never ending stash left from our wedding 2 years ago.  Yes, I keep gift bags... and I refold tissue paper.  I never said I don't have issues.  

I couldn't help myself... here's a picture of everyone doing the twist and shout at our wedding.  What girl doesn't like looking back at her wedding photos?

Anyway.  I remembered seeing some snappy wrapping at Jones Design Company in her post about wire words.  About a third of the way down there's a picture of a hot pink tissue paper flower.  I wasn't sure how to do that but it made me think-- coffee filter flower.  Whaddaya think?  I even got to use my Cricut to make the tag!

I forgot to take pictures of the process but it's already been documented by another.  I used the basic idea behind this tutorial from -again- Jones Design Co.  Do you think I read her blog much?

Cut out a small circle of felt (maybe 1.5 inches in diameter?)
Take a coffee filter and fold it in half (making a semi-circle) and then in half two more times (making a narrow triangle).  
Cut the tip off of the folded filter.
Hot glue the filter onto your felt circle.
Repeat until your flower is bushy enough for your liking.  I bet I used 15 filters for this large one.

And for maybe 5 cents you have an Anthro style wedding present in Tiffany paper. 

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  1. Love it!! You're so creative :) ...even if you do have issues. (This coming from someone who also saves gift bags and freaks out if the towels aren't stacked according to color. Yikes.)