Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wild Things

I'm back!  My computer had a small temper tantrum which left me blogless for a month or so while I got around to taking it in to get fixed in Wichita.

My mom, sister and I braved the spring break crowds in downtown San Antonio recently.  We tried the Children's Museum first but it was so packed our double stroller would have been un-steerable in the crowds.

Instead we strolled around the Alamo and the riverwalk area.

And then.  The zoo.  Holy moly.  Here's a peek of the line coming up to the block surrounding the zoo.

It was a pretty steamy day so we stopped for water often and at one point poured some on the babies' heads.  Look closely for faux-hawks...


Tired zoo-goer.

And Wyatt got to see Uncle Sula! 

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