Monday, May 30, 2011


G'day mate!  The Hydes have been in Aussie country visiting Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Rich and Oma for almost a week now and it's been a blast thus far. 

We've seen a lot of Brisbane and the surrounding countryside, as well as the Noosa area to the north.  Apparently Noosa makes it into a lot of those 'Places to See Before You Die' lists.  It was gorgeous while we were there albeit cloudy. 

Yesterday, Rob and I went on our first date since this past November when we celebrated our 2 year anniversary.  Having a baby will do that to you!  It was lovely.  We walked a lot of downtown Brisbane and the area they call South Bank.  Lots of cafes with outdoor seating and several museums.  After a double chocolate muffin and coffees in one such outdoor cafe, we ambled over to the Queensland Museum... and then we ambled some more.  Since my sweet husband knows I love movies, we stopped in for a 3D showing of the new Pirates of the Carribean.  Such a wonderful afternoon and a wonderful memory. 

Today we plan to visit one of the many beaches along the Gold Coast. My MIL calls this the Miami area of Australia.  Lots of high rises, young people and old, all of them wealthy.  But fabulous beaches!  I can't wait to get a tan.  For my sake and others. We'll keep you updated!


  1. Yay!! So glad you'll be blogging about your trip! Can't wait to hear more! Are you still going to find out if it really is an "Audrey"?? And when??

  2. Actually not sure if we're going to find out here... going to call a place today!

  3. That sounds amazing! I'm glad y'all got a much needed date afternoon :)