Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Recent Projects

There are babies popping out everywhere!  Here's a burp cloth I made following the Jones Design Company tutorial for brand new baby boy Camren.  I actually sewed twice around the edge this time as E. Jones suggests and it made it look much more finished and professional.  I used an organic cotton batting instead of terry.  The cotton was MUCH easier to deal with.  The fabric is leftover from Wyatt's bedding.

Babies abound right now as do weddings!  It seems like we're going to one every weekend through August.  Not that I'm complaining, I love weddings.  Since we have so many to attend a $50 store bought gift for each of them just isn't an option.  So I've been searching Pottery Barn, Anthro, Williams Sonoma etc for chic wedding gifts that I could tweak and DIY.  A month or so ago I was at my favorite Goodwill (off De Zavala in San Antonio) and found 8 of these Dwell Studio napkins.  There's a Target across the street and apparently they have some sort of relationship set up with that Goodwill in which Target dumps their clearance items that didn't sell.  Did they even try to sell these? They're so cute I can't imagine them sitting on a clearance rack for long.  Lucky for me, I guess. 

So I snatched them up and monogrammed an aqua 'S' on each as part of a wedding gift.    

And those are my recent projects. 

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  1. Man, I need you to come and help me decorate on a dime in our apartment haha, you are just awesome at all these finds!