Thursday, June 16, 2011

5 Months!

"Oooh, we're half way there... Ooooh we're livin' on a prayer..."

I'm halfway through this pregnancy and I can't believe it!  Things are so different this pregnancy but not just symptom-wise.  I'm chasing a 16 month around now that he (finally) learned to walk, traveling hither and yon across this world of ours (and LOVING IT), and trying desperately to remember things like prenatal vitamins and if I've had lunch already.  Ok that last part isn't true.  Rob can tell you.  I always know if I haven't eaten in the last two hours. And not just when I'm pregnant.  This can get tricky when you're traveling around another continent with a father-in-law who eats one meal a day- dinner. There was a lot of sandwich making-and-taking going on this last trip.  

Anyway. Here's the 5 month shot.  I know there's a terrible shadow behind me and to the side but for some reason taking belly shots lately has been like pulling teeth.  I snagged Rob to shoot this one and after two tries said 'Ok that'll have to work.'  

P.S.  You might ask why am I awake at this ungodly hour of 3am??  
Well I'll tell you.
Jet. Lag. 
It'll getcha every time.


  1. You look beautiful! I'm glad you've had so much fun flying around all over the place! Are you getting excited about number 2 yet? Doing any baby room remakes?

  2. We are so completely excited that Wyatt will have a sibling! Strangely, I haven't started on the new baby's room yet. Well, there are some ideas floating around in my head but I haven't done anything yet. :)