Monday, June 27, 2011

Hero's Day

This past Thursday was Hero's Day at the Hyde house.  We got to celebrate our Dad's birthday a few days early and Father's Day a little late.  Combine the two and you get a day for a hero.  

My parents came into town and we had a celebratory grill night.  I love summer for many reasons, one of which is how easy grilled meals can be!  

We pretty much just sat outside and chatted while grilling one thing after another.  Boudain with hot mustard, jalapeno and cheese sausage, and grilled thick-sliced squash.   Rob would take it off the grill and I'd slice it and put it on a plate with toothpicks.  A good grazing meal!  

Rob's main present was an iPad.  I don't think he's set it down once since opening it!  But he still refers to it as his 'personal computer' and not an iPad.  

Macproductembarass-itis.  It's a real problem with many, especially engineers.  

We love you Dad and you truly are our hero!

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