Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Living Room Reveal

For all fifteen of you who follow this blog... here's what I whipped up in a whirlwind of activity last night around this time:

A living room transformation!

As I was browsing Nesting Place last night, I found this blog about transforming the style of your house without breaking the bank.  It is exactly what I have been wanting to do for a while but didn't know where to start.  I wanted our living room and the feel of our home in general to be lighter and more welcoming.  Here it was before.  (Rob is trying to teach Wyatt to crawl.)  Mostly reds, golds, and browns.  OK but nothing special. 


The Nester also wrote a lot about gallery walls.  So I started to change the feel of the room with that.

The plate is a hand-painted piece that my great-grandmother Bonnie painted. 

This is my favorite piece of the gallery- the wire filing basket with two shots clothespinned on from our wedding. 

The chunky frame comes in a close second- it's Rob with his back turned on our wedding day waiting to see me in my dress for the first time. :)

For the rest of the room, I made very simple changes.  I shopped the house and traded out side table nic-nacs.  

Mom and Dad on their wedding day binder clipped to a spanish Baptist hymnal I thrifted.  :)

I had a silver lamp with a red shade sitting on two black books here and switched it all for a black base lamp on khaki/linen colored books.  Simple changes make a big difference!

I used another wire filing basket to hold the magazines.  I found three of these things at Goodwill and I'm pretty sure they were 50 cents each.  

Other changes:  

~I stole the IKEA drapes from our bedroom where they didn't quite fit.  A little fabric treatment (or mistreatment) on windows really softens up a room!
~I switched lamps and lampshades from around the house.  The lamp on the left is actually covered in an off white t-shirt that I pleated and hot glued on the inside of the shade.  I really do things by the book around here.
-The kidney pillow was a red and gold paisley with fringe on the ends.  An expensive fabric and fringe given to me by my mom from her stash, it just wasn't working any more.  So I -gasp- cut off the high dollar fringe and stuffed it into a new pillow form I made using a sharpie and cotton quilt batting.  It's the silhouette of a stag.  (Super easy tutorial coming)

-There was a high maintenance greenery piece in the corner that fell apart at the slightest touch.  So I shuffled it into a rarely used mud room and replaced it with a stable fern/shrub thing. 
-I cut stems of crepe myrtle branches from the 17 hot pink trees we have in our yard and stuck them in a thrifted glass pitcher.  It's the only flowering plant we have in our landscaping. 

All in all the only money I spent was $2.67 at Wal-Mart for a large plate hanger with which I hung the white platter with the Frost quote on it.  It's actually a Williams Sonoma serving platter given as a wedding gift.  I have always loved the shape of it and hardly ever use it for food.  So I used the Cricut Classic Font to make vinyl lettering and voila.

Not bad for two hours work late at night by a crazy pregnant woman.


  1. Meredith, You are so talented :) I LOVE reading your blog!

  2. IT. LOOKS. AWESOME!!! Way to go! I also love our mutual stalking of The Nester's site :)

  3. Meredith, this is so great! I am looking to spruce up my apartment and this is so helpful!