Monday, June 20, 2011

Sewing Lately

If your name is Kari H. do not read this unless you want to spoil your present.  
It's in the mail by the way.

Wow.  If there was such a thing, I'd say it's baby season around here.  I try to hand make a little something for each new mom I know and there have been three here in the last week alone!

This could be my favorite burp cloth I've done so far.  The birdies were pre-made by my sister Kat for another project and I stole them she gave them to me.  They had book pages spray-adhesived to the back of them and when I ironed them onto the green using transfer paper,  a little of the typing showed through.  You can kind of see what I mean in the second picture.  The green fabric is a piece of queen sized flat sheet from Wal-Mart and the soft back is organic cotton quilt batting.  Both remnants from my t-shirt quilt project.  (Which I will post a tutorial on as soon as I buy a quilting presser foot and bind it all together!)

Here is baby B's 'formal wear'.  Inspired by  -who else-  Jones Design Company.  I love how it looks like a Miss America sash!  I was 'Miss Teen USA' once for Halloween and I felt like a million bucks in my handmade stretch knit mermaid dress with tulle poof at the bottom.  Thanks mom.   Anyway, the ruffles are just different widths of grosgrain ribbon.  Easy ruffling because there's no hemming involved! 

This is what happens when you aren't fast enough in taking a second, less shadowy picture... your big helper snatches them up and models them!  His shirt was made by my friend Courtney.

These are for baby H, whose mommy I hope isn't reading this.  With a week old newborn, I doubt my blog makes it to her must read list.  But just in case.

The first one is baby H's 'casual wear'.  I flipped the fin and added an embroidered eye and wobbly smile to E. Jones' version.  The fabric is a charcoal/grey cut up Miley Cirus skirt from Wal-Mart.  There's not a lot of other places to shop around here without driving 1+ hours so Wally World gets a lot more business from the Hydes than I'd prefer.  Such is life.

And here's baby H's 'formal wear'.  This is actually the one I made for baby K earlier this week in the hour before his momma's shower!  I couldn't find the right fabric so I did what I usually do.  Search through all of our closets for a piece of clothing that I can proclaim unnecessary.  Nothing is safe.  And this time I found one of Rob's short sleeve Polo's.  It really had shrunk in the wash, honest.  For baby H, I made the knot a separate piece laid on top of the tie for texture.  

And that's been my sewing lately.


  1. Love it!! You are cranking 'em out! And I am loving your new blog look :) And in repayment for the birds, you owe me big. BIG. :)

  2. I know!

    I love how you are the only person who comments on my blog. :) Thanks sis