Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Super Hero Cape

We're leaving the house at 6am tomorrow to drive to the airport.  This post will be short on words.

I made a super hero cape for Wyatt's buddy Lucas.  After I gave her the present, Lucas' momma said he's been tying his blanky around his neck lately and they're calling him Super Lucas.  Perfect!

Tutorial coming when I'm not so pooped.

Both fabrics are upholstery weight duck cloth.  The tie is ric-rac ribbon.

Lightening bolt for drama.
Embroidered name on opposite side for sophistication.

Wyatt was sleeping when I finished it and I was about to make Rob model it for me.  But I'm glad I waited.  Wyatt could not get enough of the cape!

He figured out if you spin in circles it makes a great sweeping motion around you.  

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Wyatt has a best bud named Cooper.  I like to call him Cooper-de-dooper-peter-tee-hooper.  

They do a whole lot together- mostly get into trouble.  We took them bowling the other night.  Only it was more like watching the mommas and daddys bowl while they were contained and placated with food and toys. 

Mondays at Castaway Cove in Wichita Falls are Mommy Mondays.  All moms get in for $10 with or without their children.  Kids under 3 are free!  So a group of us moms went and decided we'd better take our kids, too.

What makes a water park even better?  Going with your best bud Coop, that's what.

This water park is unlike any other I've seen.  There are three big slides, a small wave pool and a lazy river but the main attraction is a large toddler jungle gym in a big 6" deep pool.  I wasn't really sure if Wyatt would enjoy it but he and Cooper wore Gabby and I out.  

I wish I'd gotten a picture of the boys on the green octopus slide.  It was an absolute hit.  Padded slide and padded landing mat.  Gabby would send them down and I'd make sure they didn't drown upon landing.  

Superstar momma Gabby and Coop.   

All that water makes a boy thirsty.  I realized after a couple of pictures that the girl in the background was becoming suspicious that perhaps she was the subject of my photos.  Sorry babe.  I've got cute kiddos with crazy hair to photograph!

Mickey blue eyes.


We're sure gonna miss you, Coop.  But we'll come back and visit and like always Wyatt will try to give you bear hugs while you back up in concern.  It'll be great.

Monday, July 11, 2011

You might be a redneck if...

You mow a single patch of grass just big enough to fit your inflatable kiddie pool.  And then decide it needs a walkway for easier access. 

What redneck family would be complete without a Dad wearing Crocs, a cowboy hat, an Indian cricket jersey and soccer shorts?  I like to call him my Handsome Rob.

And there's big momma in her 
maternity swimsuit and Bass Pro Shops hat.  

Look out little boy, she's flooding the pool!  Jump ship!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Best Purchase Ever

See that inflatable kiddie pool with the little chunker in it?  
It's quite possibly the best purchase I've ever made.  

I've been holding out for one of those hard plastic pools all summer long and our Wal-Mart has been out of stock all summer long.  I've literally seen one single pool in the past three months but it had one of those built in slides with three steps leading up to the slide.  All I could see was bloody lips and noses.

I even went to TSC and contemplated buying a watering trough.  It was that bad.

Today at Wally world I happen to see this little gem on the pool aisle.  Halleluia!  I'll take it!

We had so. much. fun.

Two and a half hours of fun.  With our best friend Jiggsy of course!

I made him get out eventually.  Brief tears until we came inside and momma let him vacuum the house. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Fourth

Sometimes I am having so much fun that going and getting my camera just sounds like too much work.  Does anyone else do this?  As a result, we ended up with random fourth of july photos.  

Our friends got a new puppy, Crockett, who was flown in from Ohio!  He and Wyatt were instant buds.

Uncle Mack and Aunt Lauren showed Wyatt the sailboat.  Later in the day Wyatt got his first tube ride!  Not on the sailboat, it was a real boat.  Though he went so slow it might as well had been a sailboat pulling him.  :)

Wyatt really wants to join Daddy and Uncle Mack.

But we wave bye-bye from the dock instead. 

Eerily, we came home to this.  Again.  

Just outside of Fort Worth, I spotted smoke on the horizon and pointed it out to Rob, not thinking much.

Right before Graford, we crest a hill and Rob and I both say, "Oh my gosh!" simultaneously.  There is a giant flame shooting off a nearby hilltop.  Three helicopters are scooping water with huge buckets attempting to douse the inferno.  

Rob jumped into the backseat for the camera but the flame had died down by the time he got the lens cover off.  Thank goodness.  I tuned into the local station thinking they'd be giving updates like they did with the PK fires but we never heard a thing about it.  We were hoping it wouldn't reach the oil stock tanks down by the road.