Sunday, July 17, 2011


Wyatt has a best bud named Cooper.  I like to call him Cooper-de-dooper-peter-tee-hooper.  

They do a whole lot together- mostly get into trouble.  We took them bowling the other night.  Only it was more like watching the mommas and daddys bowl while they were contained and placated with food and toys. 

Mondays at Castaway Cove in Wichita Falls are Mommy Mondays.  All moms get in for $10 with or without their children.  Kids under 3 are free!  So a group of us moms went and decided we'd better take our kids, too.

What makes a water park even better?  Going with your best bud Coop, that's what.

This water park is unlike any other I've seen.  There are three big slides, a small wave pool and a lazy river but the main attraction is a large toddler jungle gym in a big 6" deep pool.  I wasn't really sure if Wyatt would enjoy it but he and Cooper wore Gabby and I out.  

I wish I'd gotten a picture of the boys on the green octopus slide.  It was an absolute hit.  Padded slide and padded landing mat.  Gabby would send them down and I'd make sure they didn't drown upon landing.  

Superstar momma Gabby and Coop.   

All that water makes a boy thirsty.  I realized after a couple of pictures that the girl in the background was becoming suspicious that perhaps she was the subject of my photos.  Sorry babe.  I've got cute kiddos with crazy hair to photograph!

Mickey blue eyes.


We're sure gonna miss you, Coop.  But we'll come back and visit and like always Wyatt will try to give you bear hugs while you back up in concern.  It'll be great.

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