Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Fourth

Sometimes I am having so much fun that going and getting my camera just sounds like too much work.  Does anyone else do this?  As a result, we ended up with random fourth of july photos.  

Our friends got a new puppy, Crockett, who was flown in from Ohio!  He and Wyatt were instant buds.

Uncle Mack and Aunt Lauren showed Wyatt the sailboat.  Later in the day Wyatt got his first tube ride!  Not on the sailboat, it was a real boat.  Though he went so slow it might as well had been a sailboat pulling him.  :)

Wyatt really wants to join Daddy and Uncle Mack.

But we wave bye-bye from the dock instead. 

Eerily, we came home to this.  Again.  

Just outside of Fort Worth, I spotted smoke on the horizon and pointed it out to Rob, not thinking much.

Right before Graford, we crest a hill and Rob and I both say, "Oh my gosh!" simultaneously.  There is a giant flame shooting off a nearby hilltop.  Three helicopters are scooping water with huge buckets attempting to douse the inferno.  

Rob jumped into the backseat for the camera but the flame had died down by the time he got the lens cover off.  Thank goodness.  I tuned into the local station thinking they'd be giving updates like they did with the PK fires but we never heard a thing about it.  We were hoping it wouldn't reach the oil stock tanks down by the road.

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