Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Super Hero Cape

We're leaving the house at 6am tomorrow to drive to the airport.  This post will be short on words.

I made a super hero cape for Wyatt's buddy Lucas.  After I gave her the present, Lucas' momma said he's been tying his blanky around his neck lately and they're calling him Super Lucas.  Perfect!

Tutorial coming when I'm not so pooped.

Both fabrics are upholstery weight duck cloth.  The tie is ric-rac ribbon.

Lightening bolt for drama.
Embroidered name on opposite side for sophistication.

Wyatt was sleeping when I finished it and I was about to make Rob model it for me.  But I'm glad I waited.  Wyatt could not get enough of the cape!

He figured out if you spin in circles it makes a great sweeping motion around you.