Friday, August 12, 2011

The Foundary and One Kings Lane

Have you heard of One Kings Lane? How about The Foundary?  Both are an "online sample sale that’s open to the public.  Their deeply discounted {up to 70% off}... luxury items are listed for 72 hours and often sell out before the sale ends."  quoted from The Nester's post about how she shops at One Kings Lane.  Honestly, she does a far superior job of describing OKL-type websites than I ever could.  So go read her post. After you finish this one, of course. :)

They carry everything from flatware to sofas to rugs. Here are some of the current sale items on One Kings Lane that I think are way fun:

$12 for a set of 3 super cute notepads


$299 for a 5x8 rug!

And these are from The Foundary:

24 in. rabbit fur pillow $41

18" print $46
I bought this exact size print at Goodwill for $5

This is why I really like these websites.  It helps me to know what is a good deal out there in the real world.  Because sometimes these sites have super luxury items- think upholstered chairs for $7,000. Things that I'd never even consider purchasing. But then a lot of times they have high end items for a steal.  But if I wasn't a member of the sites, I'd never know it when I found a deal.  And they help me to develop my style.  

Here's how it works.  You go to


to sign up.  If you mention that I referred you by following the above links and eventually buy something, I get a $25 credit at OKL and a $10 credit at TF.  And if you sign up and refer someone else, you'll get those same credits after your friends make their first purchase.  

Even if you don't mention me, these are great websites for inspiration!  Check 'em out!

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  1. I love the print you bought at Goodwill, I often thought of buying that one!
    I have a baby girl name for you and R., India, just love it, thought I would pass it on. I have seen it a lot lately and of course India Hicks has such a great design book. "Island Life" Love it!!!