Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Okanagan Valley (& Picasa)

We're alive!  We've been hiking, swimming, blobbing, wine sipping, mini golfing, and more in the gorgeous Okanagan valley of British Columbia.  Rob's parents rented a 'cottage' (which turned out to be a brand new beautiful home in a vacation development with endless amenities) to gather the family for our sweet Oma's 80th birthday!

And I discovered Picasa.  
It's google's free photo editing software that enables you to create these fabulous collages.  
Click on any collage to enlarge.  I'm going to investigate soon how I change the width of our blog so I can display larger pictures. 

Ten days of relaxation and good family fun.  Lots of Kuhhandel, Phase 10, and Settlers of Catan.
Wyatt has gained a couple of pounds from Oma and Grandma stuffing him full of food at every meal and 15 minute increments in between mealtimes.  It's the Russian/German way.  :)


This is what I meant when I said 'blobbing'.

Wine-sipping at Mission Hill Family Winery

Now we're back in the states from vacation, have moved to Tyler, started a new job, are trying to buy a house, find a new midwife, and have a baby in two months.  Good thing God has it in control because 

I. do. not.

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  1. Wow sounds like a whirlwind! I'm glad to hear things are going well even if they are busy. I'm excited to hear more!