Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Silhouette Pillow: A Tutorial

I promised way back in June to give you a step by step tutorial of the stag pillow I made as a part of our living room transformation.  Well, here she is. 

I got the idea from Cottage Hill and her dog silhouette pillow.

You'll need:
-Enough fabric to cover your pillow form with about an inch extra on each side
-Matching thread and basic sewing notions like pins and a seam ripper (OR just use hot glue for a no sew version.  We're all about doing it by the book here.  :) )
-A Sharpie marker

That's it. 

STEP 1.  Find a silhouette image that you like using your favorite search engine on the internet.  Zoom in on the image until it is the size you desire for your pillow.  ("Command +" on a Mac to zoom).  

STEP 2.  Drape your fabric over the screen of your computer and trace the silhouette's outline straight onto the fabric.  Move the fabric to a flat surface and fill in the outline with a sharpie marker.

STEP 3.  Cut the fabric carefully to fit the pillow form leaving an inch extra on all sides.  I guesstimated.  Alternately, you can do this step before #2, just be sure when you trace, you're drawing exactly where you want your image to end up.  I knew I wanted the stag on my kidney pillow to be off center and to the left but didn't trust myself aligning the image correctly on the screen so I just drew the silhouette and cut afterward.  If you don't have extra fabric, I suggest cutting first and then drawing. 

There was hairy fringe on mine that I didn't want to mess while sewing so I cut it off.  

He looks so bald now.  

STEP 4.  Sorry I don't have pics of this step but it's pretty straightforward.  Turn your two pieces of fabric right sides together (silhouette facing in).  Sew around the edges of the two pieces, leaving one end open in which you will stuff your pillow form.  It's usually like me to forget to leave an end open, so don't be like me!  Turn the sewn pieces right sides out and insert the pillow form.

STEP 5.  Pin the rough edges of the open end in and together like so:

STEP 6.  Hand stitch (or hot glue or no-sew-velcro) the seam shut. 

You're done!  

Go forth and trace on your computer screen.  

If anyone ever  decides to try this, please post the link in the comments.  It would make me very happy.  :)

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  1. I will now go try this. I didn't know I needed new pillows for my couches until now. Thanks for the instructions!