Friday, August 5, 2011

We Bought A House! (Almost)

We've been in Tyler, TX four days and we have searched for, found, and made an offer on a home that has been accepted!  That sounds pretty hasty but we have actually been researching the market and looking at houses online for a few weeks.  Rob's family can attest to this.  We spent 10 days on vacation with them and when Rob has something he's interested in or a project he's working on... well, he can't really talk about anything else.  :)  In all fairness, I was just as excited.  I think we showed the family about 20 different homes and talked about each of them at length for days on end. Very graciously, they never complained.

So here she is.  Not much to look at yet.  In fact I hesitated to even put up a picture of the front of the house until we repainted.  But then I called myself shallow and put it up anyway.  The stars will come down immediately.

Because the trim is poop brown it makes the brick look poop brown.  But it has an old Chicago brick vibe if you look at the brick by itself.  To minimize poo and maximize old Chicago, the current plan is to paint all of the trim and the window surrounds a crisp white, add black shutters, and paint the fabulous double front doors red!

I'm hoping it turns out more like this.  A girl can hope.

After a brief squabble Rob caved decided that perhaps painting the doors black would create a cave like entrance and red would look much fresher and snappier.  Good decision, hon.  I've always liked double front doors and am tickled to have a pair of my own.

It's got good bones, but those 36 year old bones need to be stripped of popcorn ceilings, hideous marble tile floors, and several layers of ugly paint over ugly wallpaper.  Ugh.  
Good thing I'm pregnant and can't do a lot of that.  Whatt??

Yes, I mentioned the removal of marble floors from a home.  You don't understand.  Think of an elderly woman's spider veins.  Then imagine those veiny legs also have gangrene.  There you have it.
If you have this tile in your home, I sincerely apologize and can guarantee you would detest some of my quirky design choices.  To each his own.  

We're super excited to finally have a home of our own to do whatever in the heck we want to it.  Our first three projects that I mentioned above are biggies that have been known to drive good intentioned DIY-ers to the breaking point.  Wish us luck!  Better yet, pray for us.


  1. Meredith! I know you will make this home beautiful. I'm so excited for y'all, though I must admit that this makes everything even more official, which makes me sad. We miss y'all already!

  2. Congratulations! We also bought an older home (built in 1968), so I completely understand the updating and constant projects. We've been in Lowes so much that I know where pretty much anything is!

  3. I've been forgetting to comment for weeks - but we also are moving to Tyler! My husband started his new job there about 8 weeks ago - I'm still in Houston until we sell our house, but we have been house hunting and i can't wait until we finally get moved. Good luck and maybe I will see you around town sometime :)