Wednesday, September 21, 2011

B & A: Exterior Paint

Wow.  I realize I've been absent from blogland for quite a while.  I promise I have a good excuse(s).  We moved, unpacked every box within 6 days, painted the exterior of the house, installed blinds, got violently ill, didn't go into early labor, thanked God, decorated, and are in the process of picking interior colors.  

And now....



We still need to take the '95 Toyota Corolla window tint off of the 2 windows to the left and paint the trim around our red front door.  But otherwise, she's not looking too shabby.  You would not believe the difference installing wide-slat faux wood blinds made.  Huge. Just huge.  Thanks Dad, for wrangling that project.

The color we used is Valspar Duramax Superior Bronze in a satin finish.  The trim is Valspar Duramax Pale Bloom in semi-gloss.  We got their line of exterior paint that has protection against algae, mold, and mildew.  Sounded good to us.

Whaddaya think?

Boy are we sure glad to be out of that hotel!  Well, Wyatt does miss some things.  Like the desk light switch.  He would crawl from the couch right up onto the desk when I wasn't looking. 

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