Monday, October 17, 2011

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh MY!

Tyler has a zoo.  I smirked too until we arrived onto lush, landscaped grounds and a vast display of animals in the heart of north Tyler!  If you live around here and haven't been, go.  You'll be pleasantly surprised.

We went with our friends Lydia
and Noah.  
Yes, that is Noah sticking his hand up a goat's hiney.  He's fun like that. 
The goats were a big hit in general because they didn't crowd the babies.  Actually they pretty much ignored them altogether until Noah made his move.  But those goats got their revenge in the end.  The picture above on the right is Noah right after he landed face down in what we told ourselves was mud. Luckily the petting zoo was our last stop and Noah's mommy just took his shirt off for the last 10 minutes of our visit. 

Two smiling babies and one uncertain baby take the Tyler zoo by storm!

At both the cougar and black bear exhibits the inhabitants of each cage were prowling back and forth right behind the double panes of glass.  Since there were three very excited snack-sized babies on this side of the glass it made me more than a little nervous.

We coaxed a penguin into action, much to the delighted shrieks of the three musketeers.

All in all, a very good day!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Baby Girl's Nursery

Yesterday was one of those days.  I scorched dinner so badly while Wyatt and I were playing outside that we had to air out the house with two giant shop fans.  It still smells faintly of campfire in the kitchen and living room but I'm hoping it'll fade soon.    

All that to say, please excuse my unmet promise of nursery pictures from two days ago.  


Her room is functioning as a nursery/guest room so it was a bit challenging what with trying to have a vibrant colored nursery and yet not go overboard for when we need to use it for guests.  

I painted her closet doors with chalkboard paint and the knobs are her first and last initials.  
So now you know her first initial is an E... guess all you want.  I'm not telling!

To tone down all the colors and patterns going on, I changed out the linens to white on both the bed and crib.  The guest bed gets it's needed color pop in the shams and throw pillows.  The crib, with an extra layer of crib skirt in a fun polka dot.  The shams were my first time sewing with trim, let's just say I'm glad it's attached to the pillow somehow.

(Wyatt loves to back into the tiny doll chair from about 6 feet away.)

We were discussing sister's room and how much Wyatt likes it (he didn't want to get out of her crib so I could take pictures without a blurred jail bird jumping around) and he pulled up my shirt to include her in the conversation.  

From Lois Ehlert's Planting A Rainbow.  It was one of those giant books I found at a library sale when I was pregnant with Wyatt.  To be fair, the book was already falling apart before I intentionally butchered it. 

Here is my inspiration picture, found on Pintrest by searching 'chevron curtains.'  It's the only thing I knew I wanted.  You can view a full tour of the room here.

Because you know I love to know.  And because I told Rob I could pull this in under $500...


Crib- Craigslist $50

Rocking chair- Goodwill $15

Black 'pouf'- Target $12

White faux fur throw- Hobby Lobby $15

Rug- Pier 1 $120 with coupon

Green floor lamp- garage sale $18

Small green mod lamp- Target $14

White shelf- CCC Sale $5

'Keep Calm' sign- Goodwill $7

Fabric for pillows and curtains- Hancock Fabrics $50
(I have tons leftover)

Bumper- CCC Sale $12

Frames- garage sale $7

Knobs- Hobby Lobby $6

Paint for dresser & closet doors- Lowe's $18

Everything else I had.

TOTAL- $349

And there you have it.