Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Week In Pictures

Taking a cue from my friend Robyn, I'm going to attempt to capture my week in pictures via Instagram and do a 'week in pictures' post fairly often.  While this is not the weekend, I have pictures from last week to share!

Church family love!  Our fridge has been filled to the max since Ella arrived!

Comfort cookies.  Our sweet neighbor had to take their dog to be put to sleep while her husband was out of town.  When I'm sad, I appreciate baked goods.  So I baked giant ginger cookies for her.

Weeknight jam session.  Daddy was proud to be accompanied by a Yogi the Bear flute.

Does this need words?

The crepe myrtle in our front yard suddenly exploded into fiery reds and oranges.  So it actually looks like fall around our house.

Gluten free molasses bar batter!  

Brother helped sister eat for the first time.  He thoroughly enjoyed this and would protest if I even so much as touched the bottle to help him.  Mr. Independent.

Semi-homemade liquid hand soap via Robyn.  If you can't tell, I like that girl a lot and what she does. :)


  1. Yay! I love everything about this post and I especially love those babies. Matt has a certain little girl that plays a recorder as he sings "twankle twaaankle lily star" on a pink guitar. It's a good life indeed.