Friday, December 2, 2011

Advent Sock Calendar: A Tutorial

I saw a Martha Stewart image on Pintrest for an Advent calendar made out of children's socks.  It was super cute and Christmas-y but when I went to make it, I discovered that Wyatt's socks are mostly white, grey, or light blue.  Hmmmm.  

So I came up with my own sewn version with fabric and materials that I had on hand.  Because no one wants to go to the store with a teething two year old and a two month old.  No one I tell you!

Thing's you'll need:

Fabric scraps 
--I used duck cloth for all fabric except the multicolored deer pattern, which is actually a pair of flannel PJ pants from Goodwill--
Sewing machine
Clothes pins
Stencil and sharpie (or stickers or embroidery or tags for numbers)
Advent activities and/or chocolate

I made a pattern.  But the top ended up being too skinny.

And when I stitched around the stocking and turned it inside out, it looked weird. 

So I decided to do what I usually do, which is make it up as I go along and change plans midway through the project.  

I cut a beefier stocking pattern out of one of my scraps and flipped it over to cut out the other side of the stocking.  Make sure if you're using a patterned fabric to cut out the stocking with the pattern going the way of your preference.  (I wanted vertical stripes on this fabric.)

Then I sewed with a straight stitch around all sides except the top of the stocking.  Use pins to hold the pieces together because as you sew around the toe, you have to turn the fabric quickly and the pieces slide easily apart from each other.

I didn't even backstitch on either end of the stitching.  But be proactive and do it.  They'll last longer.

It took me about 11 stockings to realize I could better conserve fabric by cutting out fabric like this:
(Like two shoes nestled together in a shoe box)

Lay all your stockings out in a row (out of reach of two-year-olds) and number them 1-24 with your marking of choice (sharpie, stickers etc).  I have yet to number mine because the kiddos were rambunctious and I plum forgot.  Insert Advent activity cards and/or candy into each stocking. 

Then clip those babies on a long strand of twine.  

And hang it up for all to see.  Our mantle is full so I hung it as a garland across a doorway.

Easy peasy. Done.

Some of our Advent activities:

-Go see the Tyler Christmas Parade
-Set up the Christmas train around the tree
-Walk through the neighborhood looking at lights
-Make snowflakes out of coffee filters
-Watch a Christmas movie and pop popcorn

But I also filled several in with pre-planned events like the company Christmas party and Polar Express Day at Wyatt's preschool.  
Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm going to go back and change several activities to things to be done for others. Like taking Christmas cookies to all our neighbors.  Christmas is all about Christ's birth after all.  What better present could we give someone else but the Way, Truth and Life?

Here's the inspiration photo:

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  1. I love it! We're celebrating Advent for the first time this year and I'm so excited.