Monday, January 30, 2012

Garden 2012: Sprout Robot

Last year, hubs built me a single raised garden plot in our backyard.  I was so excited to plant, water, and reap the fruits of our harvest.  But then almost nothing grew.  I literally had two cherry tomatoes grow, one of which was plucked mercilessly from the vine whilst still green by a three year old.  My best producer was basil.  I snipped leaves every other day from that baby and still she produced.  So satisfied with my small accomplishment, I'm crazy enough to try it again.  I hear herbs thrive on neglect btw.

But this time, I've been edjumacated about soil pH and the monumental importance it plays in how productive a vegetable garden is. 

You mean you can't get freshly mucked "compost" from the sale barn that is actually sawdust and poo, mix it with a bit 'o topsoil and call it done?  Oh. Well ok.

I just found this site called Sprout Robot from Herban Homestead.  You plug in your zip code and what you want to grow (from a list of things that will grow in your area) and it spits out a planting schedule for you, instructions on exactly how to plant each veggie and further instructions such as when to thin, harvest, etc.  It even has three planting options: containers, single bed, or family garden.  

Only it's telling me to plant seeds this week.  So I suppose tomorrow while Mr. is in preschool little bit and I will take a trip to the Breedlove's nursery.  Yay! 

Oh and I have two pallets waiting to be turned into something fabulous and I'm thinking one or both will be this using herbs instead of succulents: 


  1. Ooo, so glad to know about that website. I am going to try it. I also found some really good charts on the Ag Extension Office's site. From A&M, of course :)

  2. That pallet garden is brilliant! I am going to raid some pallets from SLB asap :)

  3. We're getting our garden started too!! I'm hoping for a better result this year. : ) Now I'm going to check out Sprout Robot...sounds so helpful.