Thursday, January 5, 2012

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

Whew!  We've been traveling hither and yon for the holidays and are finally home.  We flew the fam to Canada to surprise Rob's parents for their 30th wedding anniversary and stayed through Christmas.  They were surprised (quite a feat for the Hyde's- thanks Andy and Maylee for keeping it mum!!) and thrilled to have us there and meet their second grandbaby! 

At the anniversary party, Maylee gave them the best present ever- she and Andy announced that they'll be having a baby this spring!  Rob caught this shot right as Andy announced it- isn't she glowing?  And blushing in this picture, I think.  ;)

Wyatt played in the snow for this first time.  He loved it!  But he kept taking his mittens off which led to frozen hands and grumpy bears.  But so worth it.

Uncle Richie got Wyatt an earth mover for Christmas and snagged a friend for life.

Speaking of friends, let's talk about these two.  That's Andy and Maylee's new puppy, Lucy.  The first day and a half around Lucy was sketchy for Wyatt.  Being an energetic puppy, she kept jumping and trying to give Wyatt kisses.  But then Wyatt realized he could shove her off of him and their friendship blossomed.  And if she got out of line, he took her teething bone and conked her on the head.  Gently. So here they are getting into mischief under the dining room table.  

For New Year's, we had our long time friends over, Kristin and Clayton.  There was laughter, tears (from kids), charades and hot tubbin'.  It was a great time.

The guys won but only from obvious and unashamed cheating.

And we still have some holiday celebrations to go!  Believe it or not, we haven't celebrated Christmas with my side of the family yet, so the Christmas tree and decorations are still standing strong in our house.  I kind of like it.  It's like Christmas stretched into two months this year. 


  1. I still haven't put my Christmas decorations up either! I just sort of think they were fun and as a kid we always left them up through January 7th (my sister's birthday) so that's what I do now!

  2. I love you all! I am so glad I get to see everyone soon :) Ella is looking way too old...I've got some serious snuggle catch-up to do with her. And Abby Kate asks about Wyatt at least once a day.