Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wedding Monogram Initials: A Tutorial

Way long ago, my friend Kristin asked me to make her a pair of wedding monogram initials.  

((As a side note, I have been pregnant in all three of my college roommate's weddings.  The first, I was barely pregnant with Wyatt.  The second, I was about to pop with Wyatt.  The third, halfway along with Ella.  What can I say?  I have great timing.  For this particular wedding, I bought a super cute taffeta A-line bridesmaids dress and joked with the other maids that we should all get pregnant and be several puffy, swollen messes in high heels the day of.  Har har.  

On the day of wedded bliss I was 5 months along and had to let every stinkin seam of that sucker out with just enough room to breathe. ))

Back to the tutorial.  Flowered initials! 

You'll need:

-Silk flowers 
(I used about 40 flowered rose 'shrubs' on sale from Hobby Lobby.  You get more blossoms out of shrubs than single stems) And wait 'til there on sale!

-Hot glue

-Scissors/ box cutter


-1 or 2 pieces foam core poster board depending on letter size

-A couple paper clips to use as hangers

-Printed letter in desired font

Step 1: Sketch each letter on foam core, cut out using box blade.

I told you it was a while ago.  He'd just started walking!

Step 2: Pull blossoms off of shrubs, trim the 'stem'. The flower on the left has been trimmed.  Get it?

Step 3: Hot glue those babies on!  Don't forget to glue along the inside and outside of the letters.  This step took me a couple of nights of movie marathons.  I'd say 4-5 hours total.  

Step 4: Bend a paper clip into a U shape and hot glue each end.  Stick at least 1/4" into the back of each letter as a hanger. Glue, glue, glue so they don't come out.

Step 5:  Hang from ribbon!

If you plan on using these on a glass door (like Kristin's reception doors that I had no idea were in the mix...) you will want to cover the back of each letter with something pretty- scrapbook paper, moss, spray paint etc.

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  1. These turned out great! Sounds like a good excuse for a movie marathon, too. Ah, there is just something about crafting while watching a chick flick that gets me so excited :)