Monday, April 2, 2012

Best Buds

Wyatt and Abby Kate are best buds.  They get excited to talk to each other on the phone, squeal when presented with a picture of the other, generally live in a euphoric state while in the presence of one another.  They love each other.  I pray that this friendship and mutual admiration continues throughout their lives because it is so very precious.  I'm tearing up.

Maybe they became familiar with one another while Kat and I were pregnant.  We saw each other all the time throughout those pregnancies and they were born three weeks apart.  I like to think Wyatt didn't want to be status quo so he came into this world two weeks early.  Abby is punctual like her mother and very precise with things and joined her buddy the very day of her due date.  Their births alone echo the colorful personalities we see today.  

Best buddy cousins.