Sunday, April 1, 2012

Chalkboard in the Kitchen (Before & After)

We have this awkward space above our sink with a tiny little awkward shelf connected to it.  

I haven't really known what to do with it until the other day when an idea struck.  Chalkboard!

I am a part of what my 300 level marketing class calls a 'late majority' based on Everett Rogers' Diffusion of Innovations.  Maybe even a 'laggard' though I hate to see myself in that kind of light...

"Laggards have an aversion to change-agents and tend to be advanced in age. Laggards typically tend to be focused on “traditions”, likely to have lowest social status, lowest financial fluidity, be oldest of all other adopters, in contact with only family and close friends, very little to no opinion leadership." WIKIPEDIA

Umm.  Ouch.

Basically it takes me forever to hop on a trend bandwagon.  I just started wearing those tights/leggings under tunics last summer.  Got an iphone way after the majority.  I had a straightener once but I roll my hair in hot rollers regularly.  You get the picture.  So when the chalkboard trend started, I admired it from afar, thinking how creative some folks are.  Not really even considering trying it myself.  



So long awkward space!  Now you have purpose!


  1. When I read the definition of "laggard" I thought to myself, "this is the opposite of Meredith". Definitely don't think that describes you at all.

  2. No, I agree with Aubrey - you're definitely not a laggard! You are silly for thinking that, though :) I LOVE the chalkboard over your sink - brilliant!!