Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Patio Furniture is Famous

Kind of.

Rob's youngest brother Rich is here visiting, you know, the one I basically marketed to all single women everywhere?  Well he's also a workhorse and has so far tilled our entire back yard, layed (lain? lay?)  a pallet of sod, cleaned out the gutters, weeded the back flower beds, mown/weed-eated, and helped me paint our master bedroom.

He's not for hire.  Yet.

Anyway, all that to say, him being so productive gave me a confidence boost to finish a few projects I've been delaying indefinitely.  One of which was to re-finish the vintage patio furniture I bought a while back.

The set that I bought while we were still living in a hotel and Rob kind of looked at me like I was nuts- set.  Granted, it was a faded and poorly applied canary yellow and cream number.   Months later, it still sat looking more than a little drab on our back porch.  But then I found a matching rocking chair that was the exact same pattern for a steal at the Gresham Barn Sale.  Although it is hunter green and peeling like a sick cockatiel.  This makes me (and Rob) want to refinish the set all the more badly, but still it sits.

Not any more!  Rich inspired me so I stocked up on spray paint and went for it.

The next morning, I check my e-mail and found a Joss and Main sale that included this!  For $149.99.  And I paid $63 for all 4 pieces.  Yesss.

Does this matter in the grand scheme of things? No.

Do I still feel smug? Yes.

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