Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It's Fummer Here In Texas

Yes, fummer.  That's Fall/Summer.

Case in point- a couple days ago we went to 'wing and swyde in da pawk.'  We'd been inside a lot of the day and everybody needed to get out and about.  You know Ella has been sporting a lot of tights and swing tops so I can pretend it's cool like I mentioned before.

Ella and Witten sharing a single jogging stroller.

Well thank goodness they both had shorts on that day.  We got there and sweated on the swings for a while.  Then Wyatt saw the splash pad and said he wanted to go swim.  At first I told him we couldn't since we didn't bring our swimsuits (and since mommy is locked in an epic battle with the weather, literally willing it to be cold, I wasn't thinking summer thoughts).  But then I remembered...

I had extra swim diapers in the car! 
So we went swimming nekky.  Plus a bow. 

Because no one else was there.

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