Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Birthday, Bean

Our little bean turned one year old on Sunday.  I'm not quite sure where this past year went, exactly.  I'm pretty sure it was only a few months ago that Rob was careening down Broadway to the birthing center, trying to navigate the cobblestone streets of downtown without causing her to shoot out right there in the floorboard. 


Still the same big grin, every day, each time I look at her.

She's already ahead of Wyatt, milestone-wise.  She started crawling about a month ago and in the past few days has pulled up to standing on things.  A favorite is crawling under Wyatt's bed.  
She's juuust the right size to crawl under and sit.

Wyatt has to be careful not to bonk his noggin but he loves playing with her under there.

Yesterday evening I was washing dishes and the kids had come into the kitchen to play with the cookie cutters and several pans that mommy lets them play with.  There was a lot of giggling and squealing and I smiled to myself and kept washing.  But then I turned around and saw this.

She had crawled up onto the dishwasher to play in the water!

They're like, "What? Is something wrong?"