Saturday, February 23, 2013

A 2.5 Year Project

I started my college t-shirt quilt two years after graduating.  Not too bad, all things considered.  

Now I am not one to start a project and leave it hangin' half way through.  But this one sat for another two and a half years completely untouched and folded neatly in my linen closet awaiting it's day of resurrection.  

Let's put things in perspective, shall we?  When I began this quilt we lived in a different house in a different town across the state.  Wyatt had just started crawling

Gah, he was fat and happy.

Somehow in the past week the quilt weaseled it's way onto my to-do list.  Perhaps because my linen closet is also my wrapping station/craft storage/game center and the whole thing is the size of a water heater closet.  


Ol' Mister Outlaw made it into the quilt, because he's how I met the hubs, y'all! 
'Scuse me for sewing over your head, sir. 

I did pretty much every step without measuring and exactly not how you're supposed to do it.  But it's done and it will keep movie-watchers warm for years to come!

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