Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wyatt's Airplane Birthday

I asked him what he wanted to do for his third birthday and he immediately spit out, "Airplanes!"  So that's what we went with.  Tyler has a fantastic Historical Aviation Memorial Museum complete with out of commission military aircraft on the runway.  If you haven't been, make it a to-do this summer!  Boys and girls, parents, especially Dads love it!

I purchased the invitations and paper goods from Hank & Petunia on Etsy.  She was great to work with and I really love how it all turned out!

The Airbus was Rob's when he was a kid.  His Dad traveled a lot and purchased it coming back from one of his trips.

The giant airplane was already there and I'd completely forgotten about it until we arrived to set up.  Perfect!  Tablecloths are drop cloths and the 'runner' is a white curtain from Ikea.

*Note to self, iron tablecloths, even drop cloth tablecloths.*

Don't hate on grocery store cupcakes, y'all.  Brookshire's makes some fine buttercream icing.

 The gift/favor table.  The cloud backdrop was supposed to go on the food table but thank goodness for that giant airplane.  These would have been way too small to make an impact.  But they work great here.  Dollar store foam boards with cut out clouds.  Airplane banner is two packages of card stock airplanes from the Teacher section of the dollar store sewn together with navy thread. 

I also purchased Air Mail washi tape to seal the invitation envelopes.  The extra helped on the favor bags.  Inside each was a foam glider, bubbles and several jumbo crayons.  I wanted plastic Army men paratroopers but Wal-Mart didn't have enough.  I still like to play with those. :)

Cheap tablecloth idea for a kid's party --- a $9 roll of 'painter's paper' from Lowe's.  One hundred and forty feet per roll, baby.  I put out party cups filled with markers along each table so the kids could doodle. Runners are just strips of giant gingham fabric.

The coolest thing happened while we were out looking at the planes!  If you look closely in this picture, next to that white sign is a rope sectioning off the museum area from an actual runway.  Right as most of the party goers were outside perusing, a decent sized passenger jet turns the corner, revs his engine, turns around, and takes off right in front of the kids!!  I couldn't have paid for that!  

It was 'Very yowd, mommy!' so we covered our ears.  

You would have thought we injected the kids with a shot of syrup they were so stoked.

To make our cups run over, were blessed to have our Nonie and Opie there to celebrate with us!  
These pictures describe my parents so well.  Dad is openly affectionate and the most kind man I know besides Rob.  And Mom is happy, happy, joyful!

I told Rob I tried to keep it simple and not go all crazy letsbesupercreative and he said, "Honey, I think your simple is most people's complicated."  
He said he meant it as a compliment.   

It truly was an easy set up and take down, plus the kids had fun.  So I call it a win.