Friday, November 8, 2013

Slipcover and Piping Hack + Room Switching

When we moved in four months ago there were two formal spaces.  A formal dining room and formal sitting area.  Formal sitting areas always make me think of plastic covered couches like on My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  Anyway, we made the dining room into a playroom and the sitting room into the dining room.  Everyone confused?  Good.

Here's the original formal sitting room.  The bi-fold doors led into what was the dining room.  

The sitting area became our dining room, now able to fit a ten foot table.  I've already added curtains, a china hutch and wine cabinet since this picture but that's another post. 

And the dining room became our playroom!  While we were unpacking and getting settled, I realized the kids were playing in this room the most since it's right next to the kitchen, where I spend the majority of my time. So it worked out all beautiful-like.

Do you see that happy chair?  She has a good story.  A good, thrifty, story.

You see, she used to look like this.

A tired and yet intensely comfortable $20 Goodwill rocking upholstered chair.  Complete with rips and a slightly suspicious smell.  I'd always intended to reupholster or slipper it but it sat in our house for two years in its original state. 

It was the end of September and the budget had been exhausted but I was on a roll in the playroom.  I decided the chair was my next project.  I wanted her to be bright and happy, preferably wearing a large graphic print... something like the duvet cover that used to be in Ella's room!  In my determination not to spend another cent, I cut apart that Pottery Barn duvet cover in a flash and pinned it into a slip cover as per Miss Mustard Seed.

But then I realized I had no piping on hand.  -cue drama-  But I had a large roll of twine.  

Folks, I don't recommend it.  It is twisty, finicky, slightly skinny and will make you want to rip your hair out. But it got the job done for free and all sewn together you can't tell it's not store bought piping. 

So when in doubt, cut up your bed coverings and break all the sewing rules.  

P.S. One twin sized duvet cover will cover one upholstered chair.  But just barely.  I may have pieced together about 176 scraps for the piping.  The pillow was sewn from the standard sham that came with the duvet.